Pregnant Yeast Infection Time

17 July 2008

A pregnant yeast infection is quite the dilemma, especially if you wanna treat it naturally. Well, the midwife told me that I have a well-established yeast infection (I thought the goo I have been noticing was just that increased discharge due to pregnancy that Di warned me about). At the risk of too much information, even for cool grrls, the midwife needed two swabs to clear the way to be able to see my cervix.

Anyway, it seems like since she told me that, it got a billion times worse. Now it’s actually itching and stinking like UGH. Probably because yesterday I ate a Luna bar and had hot chocolate and BREAD. Yeah, I’m an idiot.

So the reason it’s so hard to cure this naturally is because as an expectant mother, I either need or want most of the foods that are on the AVOID list, like sugar and starch. AKA fruit and beans. What the hell! So this is what I’m doing:

I’ve already eaten two heads of garlic, boiled. Thanks to Vicky for alerting me to this method hehe.

I’m avoiding bread and sugar and beans. I’ve eaten hard boiled eggs, mushrooms and tofu. Yes, hard boiled eggs. At this point, my bebe’s protein intake is more important than any issue I have with eating the poor little things. I still find them tasty, too. I’m also eating lots of spinach, lettuce and cabbage.

As for the nittygritty I am using a home-made solution for little miz coochie. About two tablespoons l. acidophilus in pure form (10bux per glass jar at Sun Harvest which lasts forever), half a capful of apple cider vinegar (fcken powerful stuff!), and about 10-15 drops of 100% tea tree oil. The vinegar and tea tree kill the damn yeast and bacteria and the acidophilus restores the good bacteria. It’s a much better solution than fcken Monistat or any of its imitators because, while Monistat and the like kill ALL bacteria, leaving your coochie to fend for itself (especially dangerous during pregnancy), this solution kills AND restores bacteria. L. acidophilus is already found in the cunt, and merely needs to be reintroduced by yr handywork.

Getting this stuff IN miz coochie is def a little tough. I use a long dropper that people use for babies.  I put a towel under my butt, lie back and insert the dropper a little. Then I squeeze the dropper a little, let the solution kinda seep down, squeeze it again, let it seep for few moments, squeeze it again and so on until the dropper is empty. Then I plug my cunt up with a clove of peeled garlic that I have already strung with sewing thread.

Today, the apple cider vinegar, the most ‘caustic’ ingredient, totally burned me on the vulva. But after a few minutes of cursing, it subsided into the best feeling in the world: cool relief.


I am so pissed that Monistat and all those fucked up OTC yeastie ‘cures’ are like almost 20bux. Women who trust big pharma are wasting money. Think of a woman that could’ve used those twenty dollars to buy an extra loaf of bread, some shoes, and a book for her child. I wish information was more readily available, not advertisement. D:

I like writing a blog as if someone is actually reading it, well, besides Vicky. hehe.


2 Responses to “Pregnant Yeast Infection Time”

  1. ikkyvicky Says:

    ha ❤

  2. horticulture Says:

    dude, I haven’t read this anywhere but everytime I have something in my vaginers I want to wipe it with tea tree oil… don’t listen to me this is crazy talk. sometimes I feel like the only miracle cures for every thing are: vicks vahporoob and tea tree oil. anyway, no me hagas caso. about the eggs, you need to do whatever you need to have a healthy baby. I never had to eat any animal byproducts but at one point I did take some iron pills that contained lactose because the vegan ones were not enough and if you don’t have the right amount of iron you can bleed to death.

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