Just Tales

26 July 2008

Two or three or even four unexpectedly weird things have happened in the past few days.

Our ‘stray’ dog L, pictured below for yr pleasure was accused of biting! Now, we’ve had this pup for three weeks, and he has never showed any sign of agression. But I would’ve been able to accept the accusation despite this fact because you just really never know. Except my mom and her friends saw it all go down, and they all claim the the little girl he nipped accidentally was pushing him violently away from playing with her dog. She pushed him in the mouth and her sensitive little girl skin was ALMOST broken by his teeth. Her dipshit father who routinely allows his three children, all under the age of 8, to play outside by themselves (like she was that day) in the front yard… near traffic… with no fence… anyway, he decides that calling animal control is the best option. And he further decides (actually the fact that he is a beater around the bush decided this for him) that he would say to my mom: “I just want him to get held for a little while, for some testing, to see if he has anything.” Well, having animal control being called on a puppy that accidentally nipped a little girl isn’t THAT frustrating, but dealing with someone who spits bullshit in your face and wants you to lap it up is. Animal control/the pound kills dogs, they don’t test them, and certainly not for free. L was now destined to contract parvo and die just like his predecesor, the dearly loved Panchito. So I put him the car and drove him away before animal control got there, and Marc’s friend Beto took care of him for the night… Then this morning Marc’s mom took him to get his vaccines and dewormer and he is going to move in at her house until we move into our new place. Poor fugitive dog.

I got a text from my good friend since 7th grade that he got arrested for DWI last night. I really, really hate drunk drivers. Really bad. And I don’t feel sorry for him. He drives drunk a lot, and it really makes me sick. He brings Taco Bell to my house and his bad attitude along with it. I know this doesn’t sound like I’m talking about my good friend, but he hasn’t always been like this. I have known him for a long time and love him like my brother. But he is changing, and has been since a nasty sexual abuse rumor spread about him in high school. I know why it pained him so much: even I ostracized him before I, many damaging months later, really listened to what he had to say about that night. Anyway, this guy, who has been a part of my family since 7th grade, being fatherless and living in a house with an abusive grandmother and a terribly submissive, ‘uneducated’ (which I believe always shamed him, but I have always expressed that it shouldn’t) mother, texts me to tell me he got arrested for this DWI. But I think he deserves it. And I’m relieved that it happened. And being arrested for driving while intoxicated is one of those few things I think people deserve to be jailed for a couple of nights for. Drunk drivers may as well be shooting a shotgun blindly on 10th street. So damn.

Another incident involving the cops has surfaced… but it’s not okay for me to talk about it on this blog or even to another person, at least for a while. Let’s just say I felt conflicted, but now I understand why. And it’s cool. It’s all good.

As for my pregnancy, here is the creepy creature:

And a gratuitous Marc pic:

Mm mm.


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  1. habanerojack Says:

    i ❤ “L”

    y tu

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