31 July 2008

For about three days the baby was not stirring very much. I know not to panic because babies have sleepy and active days, but I started to worry last night. The child must have known momma was worried because it started pummeling me mercilessly. It was really distracting as I tried to sleep. And today it’s doing sumersaults again. I hope it’s loving all the iron and protein I’ve been getting. It definitely gives me more energy.

Yo it’s so good to see friends and just hang. I think it’s really awesome that Noemi and Vicky are going to live together and help each other out so much. I’m just gonna miss Vikcy and it’s especially sad that she’s moving now that I’m going to Edinburg. When I’mf inished eating I’m gonna go measure the windows at the new apt to start making curtains. I bought the fabric today and I’m also gonna finish up the baby blanket that has been hidden away in patch form for a while.


One Response to “BELLY KIX!”

  1. hortencia Says:

    I miss feeling Cielo kicking my insides… now she kicks my outside :p Don’t give her a yard stick to play, she’s dangerous. Cielo was a mover and shaker so when I wouldn’t feel her I would poke her… si pobrecita la despertaba pero luego yo me sentia con alivio de que la baby fetus estaba viva.

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