Target Just Sucks So Much

5 August 2008

When I read this badass post about princesses on Anti-Racist Parent, I got some really good ideas and references to cool books I can buy for my little one. Yeah, in a few years. haha. I also was forced to reflect on that aisle in Target that is so infuriating to pass by. The one with princess stuff, tiaras, feather boas, tutus, Hannah Montana. There is a certain harmlessness in wanting to be traditionally feminine- I am merely opposed to the idea of entitlement through nothing but luck, which is what a princess is. I’m dealing with this sort of princess mentality with one of my sisters. I know it’s funny to call it that, but she honestly acts as if everyone else in the house is such a bother to her if we ask her to merely wash dishes. And she calls her little sister lazy. I think it’s because she’s in color guard and her color guard friends are beyond disgusting. One of them knows Spanish but refuses to speak it, and is content with being mistaken for white since she is half-white. They sit around talking shit about people they know for hours. And this sister has had the audacity to twice tell me that I don’t do anything all day. I was infuriated both times, eager to defend myself, or just tell her, I READ ALL DAY LONG and I MAKE CURTAINS! I guess I have some issues with her right now. It started back when I told her why I would never BUY flowers to give someone: they’re ‘factory farmed’ with dangerous pesticides, but the kicker is, the men and women who pick these flowers are severely hurt by the freshness of the pesticides when they are picked. Their hands turn black, get poisonous crystals in them, and for what? So that some dull, uncreative male can uphold his end of the patriarchal agreement? She told me that since she doesn’t see it, she doesn’t really care.She thinks I’m immature to care, and that I should just accept economics. How simple!


Since I plan to not step foot in Target with my child, (at this moment, maybe naively, I can’t imagine why I would ever have to) I feel confident I can avoid at least THAT aisle. But then there are Target ads, not usually offensive, just wildly consumerist (duh, they’re ads), which are not so easy to avoid. Blogsurfing for Target-related stuff led me to this article. The ad picture speaks for itself, so I’ll include it right here:

Yes, that is a woman with her legs wide open and her crotch at the bullseye of Target’s logo- a feeble attempt at making it look like she is making a snow angel. I don’t believe anyone is being nitpicky. It’s hard not to notice this.


6 Responses to “Target Just Sucks So Much”

  1. Noemi M Says:

    All stores have aisles like the one Target. I hardly go cuz it’s expensive, except for clearance stuff. Being a mom of a girl, I think it’s important to let them be what they want & not point them in anyone preconcieved direction that others think they have to go cuz they are girls or boys. Like you can say I’m sorta fem, but I’ve been the sole provider & caretaker for both my kids and to them a mom(mujer) can do anything.
    That logo is crazy.

  2. sorsofilia Says:

    Yeah, that’s true- I can’t remember a store without an aisle like that. Even the Tx Thrift girls’ aisles are like that. It’s just used frilly stuff.
    I’m really excited to have the opportunity to teach my kids by example that being yourself is way more fun that adhering to someone else’s idea of what a girl or boy should be.
    Keeping with what you said, I also don’t wanna point out something like how pink CAN be sexist to a four-year-old girl and make her self-conscious of what she’s wearing! I suppose children begin to ask questions and give you an idea of how much understanding they have of the idea of gender. 😐

  3. dark lily Says:

    i am loving your blog. just thought you should know that. when folks decided they needed to buy us shit for the babyshower…i basically said that i will accept anycolor but pink…we didnt know the sex of the babe until she was born…but i had a feeling it was a girl and i wanted it to be clear that i was not going to dress my precious up like a cotton candy machine had exploded. when i was preggers and people would ask what i was having, i would always say a pirate or a revolutionary.
    of course after she arrived, vagina and all, the pink started to arrive. and i would just kindly bitch to people about how much i didnot want to my kids closet looking like the inside of a peptobismol factory. now she is 15 months old and i still have to force folks to cool it on the overwhelming pinkness.
    its not that i am hard core anti-pink. i wear it myself, but i hate the way that when i walk into a store the boys section has like every color in the rainbow and the girls section only has pink and purple. i mean she has some pink clothes and dolls but i want her to play with trucks and books and stuffed animals and blocks. in my lil extended this makes me an idiosyncratic nut. i mean what if she turns out gay or something! okay that is my lil rant…peace

  4. sorsofilia Says:

    hey, I’m so flattered that you stopped by! ^_^
    I secretly think I’m carrying a little vagina-bearer, and I can’t imagine the pink ruckus it would cause in my family if that is true. I figure I will stitch skulls and big green grasshoppers on all the frilly garments to counteract their pinkness! haha, but you are not a nut! well we all are if you are because I think all of us nonmainstream mommies are looking for that balance… that ‘I don’t HATE pink but come on, there are other colors too!’ sort of thing. thanks for tha input.

  5. HurricaneGustavo Says:

    There’s a lot to be said about colors and enjoying them.. mostly the people foisting pink on you are probably well-meaning though. Conversely, when I give girls pink it’s to keep ’em down. I love giving my sister shiny orange things, or pretty flowers I find on the streetside.. and it’s not uncreative to find and describe a wild indian paintbrush that looks like a dagger of soft light. Pretty girls like flowers, I tend to find. Though I’d also love it if someone picked flowers for me.. hm. Don’t worry, after I picked the paintbrush I gently stroked about seven others with its stamen and pistils, partially counteracting the removal.

    Ads like that Target ad I don’t mind so much.. primarily because I pray and hope that the model is completely silly in the brains and doesn’t know how she’s being exploited. Otherwise, there’s the tingling of rage in mah tummy at the thought. Just like the tingling of life in yours, I figure, except less hungry.

  6. sorsofilia Says:

    Haha, well, if you’re not buying the flowers and therefore not spending money on the girl, I think that significantly lowers the patriarchal factor… I picked wildflowers for Marc the other day. 😀 and I wouldn’t mind if he did it for me.
    And it’s okay. I’ll be outraged at the picture for you :]

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