REALLY alarmed.

8 October 2008

I am REALLY alarmed at the pervasiveness of vaccine propaganda. Marc and I have buried ourselves in vaccine research that leaves our brains sputtering and hissing. I’m collecting “legal proof” of my research and notarizing copies of our birth plan and exemptions so I don’t get slapped with some child neglect charge.

We also stole our neighbors’ dog. They had him in a dark shed with no food or water and he was crying for two days straight. He stopped crying as soon as I stepped in front of the shed and I couldn’t leave him there. When I stuck my hand into the shed, he was so beside himself that there was company that he kept toppling over his own feet. Turns out he has roundworm and ringworm. We got him some dewormer at the vet and some antifungal soap and ointment at HEB. Stache is sleeping at my parents’ house for a few nights until we disinfect our house and treat the puppy. He’s only 8wks old! He looks like a pit bull, but kind of like a bulldog too. He’s just too young to know. But he is definitely a puppy. He chews on everything and his pee puddles are the size of a silver dollar. Hahaha just what we need at this high-stress time! Seriously, we’re trying to buy all the baby’s stuff and get the vaccination research done in time for the baby’s arrival. A puppy is not on the agenda. But he has encouraged us to take it easy and laugh.

So, free puppy who will be at tallest 21inches (according to the vet) and may be at least half pit bull. Still too young to have been too traumatized by his alone time and very, very alert. We’ve been feeding him garlic and unfluoridated water to help his immune system recover fully. 😀


8 Responses to “REALLY alarmed.”

  1. Sabrina Says:

    I found your blog link on a craft wesite, you left a comment about converting a bra into a pumping bra, just hope you know to buy new tubing and the parts that touch your breasts new on that pump your sister is giving you. Congrats on the new baby! Don’t let the vaccines make you too crazy. I am a new mommy too, my little one just got here September 14th. Email me if you want! Happy pregnancy!

  2. sorsofilia Says:

    hey thanks :] I didn’t know that til recently but it just makes sense! 😀

  3. maia Says:

    ah…poor puppy! thanks for the tip about water and garlic for the immune system…maybe i should try this for my toddler as well…
    oh i am posting this on revy motherhood

  4. I am so wise Says:

    Yeah, I agree it’s appalling how much time Jenny McCarthy gets spouting her nonsense. But fortunately, we live in a society where modern medicine has beaten back most childhood diseases to the point we never see them and assume they’re booger men conjured up by Big Pharma to scare us into getting unnecessary shots for their profit.

  5. sorsofilia Says:

    Lol, no need to be condescending. Jenny McCarthy talks about autism, right, not autoimmune disease? You need a prior understanding of how the brain reacts to infections and a good rundown of the history of the decline of diseases such as polio and smallpox to understand that vaccines had little to do with their disappearance. Vaccines are ineffective and are not lifelong. Even the CDC says so! And the VAERS is a passive reporting system (not nearly as many ‘adverse effects’ are reported as there are-just common sense), and there are countless testimonies from doctors (including my own) that they would never vaccinate their children… Doctors! So come on, your comment is really uninformed. You talked about Jenny McCarthy for pete’s sake.

  6. I am so wise Says:

    Actually, I am well aware of the role public health has played in improving health care. What I find interesting was how the everyone starting getting healthier in the 1870s when the railroad became to bring fresh produce and meat from the rural areas into the metropolitan areas and expanded the diet of the urban proletariat. I also interested in how diseases like polio began terminal declines right at the same time vaccines were introduced.
    I am also aware that declining chicken pox infections rates cannot be tied to any public health program like sanitation because none have taken place. Sanitation is no better now than it was in the early 1990s when the chicken pox vaccination was introduced. I am also tickled by the social Darwinist tint of many opponents who believe that these diseases should be allowed to sweep through the unwashed masses because the end result is a human population with, in their Nietzschean beliefs, a stronger immune system.
    But what truly entertains me, is jackass who spout off, without any primary source data, wild economic conspiracies that hold vaccines, which have a tiny profit margin, are forced upon us for the benefit of “Big Pharma”. This is bemusing on several levels. It ignores that Big Pharma’s products have to be paid for someone and that someone is usually Big Government or Big Insurance. As any doctor can tell you, Big Government is a miser and Big Insurance makes pre visitation Scrooge a paragon of philanthropy . Yet, they are willing or unwitting tools of Big Pharma in their dastardly plot. And if that was not elephant in the room for this train wreck of thinking, we have to believe that Big Pharma would do this rather than the diseases run rampant and make permanent bank from treating the aftermath of these diseases. I had a family members who was stricken by polio so I can tell you that treating the survivors of polio is pretty close to a license to print money as they need decades of continuing and increasing care. I, on the other hand, who will never get polio thanks to my vaccines, made Big Pharma a few bucks on the cost of vaccines. Not to mention, despite this global plot, not a single email has escaped to prove this is true.

  7. sorsofilia Says:

    Your response relies on a lot of disputed data, nothing different than what I usually hear (and I’ve read both sides of your theories)… You’re not being specific, and I wanna get specific. You’re probably thinking I’ve never read any ‘pro-vaccine’ literature (indeed it’s what I started out reading! imagine that.) or am too dull to understand what’s written in JAMA. Also, you’re disregarding the fact that each human can choose to do.. whatever! Haha, and if vaccines really work, everyone else will be protected from my sickly children. Si o si? Why are you so hung up on finances? I’m more about the cold hard facts of vaccine efficacy. I don’t remember saying anything about money. You just assume that all us anti-vaxxers are conspiracy theorists crying about the New World Order. Well, some of us are intelligent and maybe even naturalists who understand the painful disruption of human life that vaccines MAY cause. That’s right, I acknowledge that they MAY! And so may smallpox. Are you really vaccinated for polio? Jeez. I don’t know anyone who is.
    I don’t think you have a real interest in vaccines, but you sure do like to sound smart.
    This reminds me of that time I requested the vaccine exemption laws from our state rep (by mail) and what I got in return was a survey that claimed to have chosen me randomly to answer questions about whether or not my children were vaccinated. WEEEEEEIRD.

  8. sorsofilia Says:

    PS I realize this is no longer a discussion about vaccines… It is more about what you think I think and what you think you know. I am just annoyed aaand bemused (but not too much) by your assumptions about my beliefs. So, it’s all right… I’d really rather not continue this discussion.

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