I live in the Rio Grande Valley in super south Texas. Border towns are a phenomenon all their own.

The area I live in is overrun with SUV’s, mostly Hummers and Escalades, usually with one or two people in them at a time. It’s an area where classism is ironically rampant in the sense that most people try very hard to look wealthy; people are often very concerned with being perceived as poor.

It is a place where people long to live some American way while keeping parts of their Mexican selves, often unsuccessfully, succumbing to the anti-Mexican, border-patrol-loving, I’m-from-this-side-so-I’m-better-than-you mentality promoted at every turn here.

Parts of the Valley are also really statistically safe places to raise children and so many people stay here to make families. The Valley (Raymondville, specifically) is home to the largest detention center in the United States. Construction on the Border Wall has now started here.

I know it sounds like I hate it here, but I don’t. There are really awesome things happening here due to really awesome people living here, and now that I’m moving to a city within the Valley closer to all my friends (to start my family :D) I know that it’s going to be more awesome than ever to live in this salvageable place.

I also have a soft spot in my heart for everyone who is just trying to make it. I just don’t like the inordinate display of non-existant wealth and pride that comes from it. I want the Valley to be less of a haven for patriarchy and more of a place for radical thought and action to end the injustices against people who are here to help their families. Read about some of the creative ways the government is trying to keep ‘illegals’ out of the US.


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